For us sled dogs, hunting and foresting is not just a hobby, it's the lifestyle we've chosen.

We offer our guests what we do best: We show the wild and beautiful nature we live in!

Throughout the winter we run guided dog sled tours. During the summer and early autumn, our guests experience nature during the guided walks in the woods.

Activities for the season

We follow the changing seasons and offer guests what we ourselves do during the different times of year. Here are some of our activities:

  • Dog sled tours (the husky farm is only open in winter)
  • Walking in the forest
  • Picking wild berries

So was our lifestyle, our company.

Like many others who live in the inland of Lapland, we work depending on the seasons with different things. During the spring and summer are our litters born. Autumn is the time for hunting and field trial with Mikael moose hunting dogs (eastsiberian laika) and training of sled dogs. In the winter we go dog sledding. All year around we are staying in the forest where we live. Birgitta is a craftswoman and has a studio where she works with glass, most during the snow-free period. 

We started the company in the Nymånen in the mid-1990s when we lived in the municipality in which we grew up. Sled dogs eventually became many and we started driving tourism job at a conference center near Birgitta's home farm.

Both have competed with sled dogs, gone hunting trials and trained tracking dogs. Birgitta trained and competed for many years with working dogs. Mikael has been hunting with hounds, bird dogs and moose dogs. We have had dogs since 1977 and are breeding Siberian Husky with the prefix Nymånen.

In autumn 2007, we moved with the 45 dogs we had, to the village Auktsjaur 25 km north of Arvidsjaur. Our first visit in the village was a field trial for pointing bird dogs in 1993 and we discovered how amazing the nature is here. Here we want to stay, we felt. Now we live in a forest farm and part of the forest we have is very old. Forestry and wildlife belong together, we think and thats why we manage the forest in a sustainable manner.


Living with and in the nature without the overuse of it runs like a thread through all our activities.