We drive Siberian huskies!

Our first siberian husky came to us by happy accident. For many years ago we drove Pointers and different mixed breeds. Once Birgitta painted a large picture of a beautiful Siberian husky team that took part in a competition, Fjälldraget, as we drove every year. The teams owner wanted the painting and the price was the same as what a puppy cost. Puppy and painting changed hands. Guldmyrens Joma (Jowa) was the name of the dog and she got us to discover how nice and good sled dog siberian husky is.

Guldmyrens Joma (e: Guldmyrens Egil - Vindsnabbes Pärlan) Vår första siberian husky

Guldmyrens Joma (e: Guldmyrens Egil - Vindsnabbes Pärlan) Vår första siberian husky

Jowas brother Jack, her mother Vindsnabbes Pärlan and 12 other purebred siberians was bought in to the kennel and we decided to replace our Alaskan huskies and only run purebred Siberians. Some mistakes were made in breeding the first few years and we learned to select hard and carefully to find the dogs that suits us. We bought a nice female, Moonshadow Temu of Jedeye and from her offspring, and the best of our first Siberians, we have got the dogs we have now. Friendly, healthy and with a great willingness to work. Wonderful dogs!

Many of the females from Jowas lines, like her, become leader dogs. The dogs we decided to mate our bitches has often been from Vargevass, Jedeye or our own lines.

Tidigt 90-tal. Guldmyrens Jack och Nymånens Cenina i led

Tidigt 90-tal. Guldmyrens Jack och Nymånens Cenina i led

Moonshadow Temu of Jedeye

Moonshadow Temu of Jedeye

Our goal in breeding is to breed typical siberains, healthy and friendly dogs who work hard. Such dogs as we ourselves want to have. The siberian husky is a fantastic sled dog!

We have had many fine dogs over the years. Friendly beautiful and hardworking siberian huskies. It is a pleasure to be the musher of a team of such dogs. We work with tourism and we use our dogs in the daily work. The dogs are typical longdistans huskies and if/when we have time we go to a race now and then. But most of the time are the dogs running tours in our company. 


We breed most of the dogs we ourselves run. Often, we have keeped almost all of the year's puppies to be able to select good. Sometimes when we got many puppies in the litter, we have been able to sell to other mushers. 

Our best females mated once when they are about two years. Then when we evaluated how their litters are, we become sometimes a litter when the bitch is older. Our breeding bitches are always dogs who can go in lead and who also have siblings who are leaders. It has given good results and we have now many young promising dogs.


The husky farm

Nymånen husky farm is approved and inspected by the county administrative board and SKK. We are always taking best possible care for our dogs. They live in isolated huts where they have a thick layer of dry straw to sleep in. The dogs have big kennels and live two in each. Every summer, the dogs are given a rest period of two months during the hottest time. Instead of training when the temperature is above 12 C, the dogs run loose and play daily in a 15,000 square-meter kennel in the woods at the husky farm.

Food is important for working dogs and we give them the best food we can buy. They are vaccinated annually and are rarely sick or injured. Our dogs live a long active life. Often they reach the age of 12-14 years. The last few years our oldest retired sled dogs spend their time in a large paddock with the youngest members of the pack. 

The sled dog tours include a visit to the kennel and we answer questions and talk about our dogs.

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